This is the story of a Quebec city girl doing a 13 months term on an International MC...


It's a new beginning

I have started my term last Wednesday as the MC VP of Organizational Development of AIESEC Puerto Rico. As you can conclude considering the delay between that date and right now, I have been a very busy girl since then. As a matter of fact, we were hosting our first national conference last weekend (aka 2 days after I started) and I was one of the facilitators. Between the creation of my trainings, the learning of our MC roll call and all the chaos, I had no time to take care of my dear readers.

The first conference, SummerCo, went great. Delegates were happy about the content and most of them felt really pumped when it was time to leave. It was weird for me having a national leaders conference (EB) where we have 22 delegates (aka less than the number of presidents in Canada) :) Here, I have to adjust the way I do things to make them relevant in the scale of this country. We have a total of 45 people in leadership roles. That's 45 people leading this country towards accomplishing our vision.

 The local committee presidents presenting their work at SummerCo 2011.

Speaking of vision, my team and I have created our MC name and motto. We are MC EPIC 2011-2012.
I loooooove it.

Major change in my life, I now have a fan. I became the trendiest girl in the neighbourhood because my fan is black (instead of white) and it has a timer and a remote control. I am a bargain hunter. It might seem ridiculous for me to assign that much importance to a fan but trust me: when you live in the Carribean for a month without a fan or AC, it changes your life.

Random story: On Sunday, my roomate and I had to walk into 2 inches of water to go down the stairs of my building... RANDOM. The upstairs neighbour had decided to clean the staircase and his appartment by pouring water on the ground during 2 hours. All the dust and disgustingness was floating on top of water... That's the beauty of Puerto Rico, you never know what you will wake up to.

The flooded stairs...

Last night I was at the mall, when a small earthquake started. It was a bit scary but nobody really freaked out. So I just went back to shopping when it stopped. Today though, I was in the office ALONE when it happened. Not nearly as fun... It was a small one so DO NOT freak out.

Good news: a guy came to measure ALL the windows of the appartment today to order some custom screens (aka anti-moskito weapon).
Not so great news: a 5 year-old kid would use a measuring tape with more accuracy... he was measuring with an angle...