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Recently, life has been like a rollercoaster. In a very short period of time, I have had a sudden and very intense change in my lifestyle. Afterall, most people feel like it's a big change moving out of the house when they do it in the same city. In less than a month I have gone from...
- living at my parents place to living with roomates;
- studying full time to working full time;
- living in a city where everybody speaks French from a city where nobody speaks French;
- having a solid friends network to having no network whatsoever;

This experience is a challenging one. Moving into a new city can feel pretty lonely. Sure there is technology so I can skype my friends or follow their lives over facebook but let me tell you it's not the same. It's all a matter of adaptation, it's where this experience becomes enriching. Because everyday when I step out of my room I end up stepping out of my comfort zone. To all those that I have been harrassing with that statement "Step out of your comfort zone", just know that it never gets easy but the more often you do it, the wiser you get. I used to feel uncomfortable when stepping out of it. I still do but I now have the wisdom to know that:
 a. it's worth it
 b. everything gets better with time
 c. it's the whole point of why i'm doing it. the fact that it's hard makes it life-changing

I really don't wanna feel depressing for you, Dear readers. I just think that it's important for you to know that it's not always easy. Here, my lifestyle is quite different from the one of people that surround me. I don't study while almost all of them do. I haven't started work officially so I'm sort of in a grey zone of my year. Not quite started but already here. I feel like the 2 people who could truly understand the way I feel are my two colleagues who haven't arrived here yet. One of them is from Mexico and the other is from Colombia. They are waiting for their visa procedures to be done (touch some wood please). Once they get here, they'll move in with me and they'll get onto the same rollercoaster ride that I'm on right now. I wish we could all take the ride together but life isn't like this. Timing does not always work your way. You just gotta deal with it.

On the bright side, I danced reggaeton Friday and Saturday night :) things could be worse!

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  1. tite pitoune! Ca va faire un peu grand-mere ce que je vais te dire mais: c'est beau de te voir aller..! :) on sen reparle plus en détail later si tu veux! :*

  2. Ah ma belle val d'amour,
    j'aime pouvoir te suivre avec ton blog, ça me rapproche de toi. je suis vraiment fière de toi, et surtout un jour je veux être comme toi :)
    tu me manque, mais je préfère t'avoir loin de moi, mais te savoir en train de réaliser tes rêves.

    et oui things could be worse!
    Profite de tes soirée de danse pour moi,

    gros bisoussssss

    val-anne (ta fille :)

  3. Grey zone... je te comprends moi aussi!
    Don't rush anything et prends le temps de profiter de cette merveilleuse expérience!

  4. Ha...
    Je n'avais pas vu ton blog avant aujourd'hui, mais tu viens exactement de d'écrire ce que je vis par ici aussi et c'est réconfortant de savoir qui en a d'autres qui vivent la même chose dans une autre partie de ce monde ! :)

    Je vais dorénavant te lire plus souvent ! :)

    Bonne continuité dans cette expérience siii enrichissante !