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Settling down

I have been in Puerto Rico for five days now and I can finally say that the dust is starting to come down. I have finished unpacking, moving into my room (which included lots of cleaning), zebra-ing my environment, walking in my new neighborhood, visiting my new office, etc. I guess you can't feel at home somewhere before you know your way around a little bit. I now know how to get to Walgreens (drugstore), to work, to the beach, the movie theater, to Marshalls (equivalent of our Winners stores), to the bus stop, to Placita (the coolest hangout place), and back home :P all by myself. Yay!

I still need time to get into a new routine but my room makeover sure helped me feel more "at home". It's gonna take me a while to get into the mood of cooking since the kitchen is invaded by moskitos. Considering the bad state of my legs right now (they are terribly bitten), I need to figure out a strategy to get in there without getting eaten alive. My roomate Oriana and I have started implementing some anti-moskitos strategies today but I'll start taking B12 vitamins tomorrow. I took them before and during my internship in Honduras and they actually make your blood less appealing to those idiots. For those away on internships, note that tip down!

I have an appointment tomorrow with the Department of State of Puerto Rico to make sure everything is fine with my visa and so the officer can check my proficiency in English..... it's gonna be interesting to see how I survive wearing formal clothes when it's 35 degrees outside!

I met some of Oriana's friends yesterday and today and it felt really good to hangout and have fun with some interns (from Mexico and US).  There are definitely lots of nice people to get to know here.

Hope you enjoyed the news!


 My moskito bites...40 just on my legs...

Here is part of new room!!

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  1. Well Val it seems like you starting to settle in that's great. I just know this experience is going to be awesome for you. I look forward to reading the updates :) you blogged in English! yay! lol
    (Josh Logan, Carleton)

  2. Thanks for the mosquito tip, I might consider it when I'll leave for Nepal :P do you know how much time is needed for the vitamins to take action?

    Except for insects, I hope you're enjoying your first few days in PR!

    (Charles B.)

  3. "Like" la photo du zébré dans ta chambre
    Tu vas oublier les moskitos bien vite...
    gros bisous